Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful to know language

Here it is: Two Months!
If I was a beginning Spanish speaker with the other Elders and Sisters who entered the MTC with me on June 8 I would be arriving here in Honduras today.  What a blessing it is to know Spanish! I got to have six extra weeks of work in the field!

Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission.
July Baptisms: 222 (new record) - there are 91 companionships
Zona Choluteca Este (me) - 28 bautismos
Elder Cotton y Elder Clay - 3.  We're doing our part!

Last week I got Letters: Schmutz (2), Mary Lyman (2), Mrs. Gobbell!


This week I got letters from Stephanie Davis, Schmutz and al fin, Adrienne and Male Chris's wedding announcement! I love getting mail! Responses will be going out shortly.  Apparently it takes about a month for things to get from Honduras to the States and three weeks for the States to me.

Also Nannie, I need to tell you that I use the bowl and cup every single day, multiple times every single day.  You rock.

So this week was much better than last week in many ways.  We were busy as usual but we visited more members and yet still had time to find more investigators! Awesome!

I do need to share a sad story.  I think I talked about the familia Palacios before...maybe? They were inviting us and listening and progressing for the most part.  The first contact that we had with them was the father, Carlos, asking me to translate some documents into English so he could get his visa for the U.S. and work for his family again.  I finally got around to translating the documents and now that they have the documents they are suddenly always hiding or not home when we have visits.  I hate to think that he played us since the beginning because they were participating and asking questions...I'm a little sad about that but if it's not their time to progress then the Lord will send other missionaries in the future.  So sad to see them make that choice.

Amazing find this week:  We were walking an appointment and saw a  girl and her elderly father struggling moving something and we went to help and recognized the older man as Fransisco, the guy who sells candy at the bus stop.  He pays a taxi everyday to carry him and his cooler and wooden box thing home with him.  Taxis are so expensive and so we offered to meet with him everyday at 4:00 to carry his things home for him.  We can make it home and walk halfway back to the bus stop and walk with him.  We hate for him to have to pay so much everyday for a taxi.  His family is so grateful and we're hoping that we'll be able to earn their confidence and have them receive our message.  They currently go to another church but we are here to serve.  When we introduce ourselves we tell people that we're the missionaries, here to serve.  We now have an opportunity to show Monte Carlo that we mean it.  I was touched by his kindness the other day.  We stopped to rest because walking is very difficult for him and there were a few children playing in the street and he gave to the three of them each L. 1.  He has so little money, yet gave the children a lemp so they could go buy a treat.  How amazing and giving these people are.

We are teaching Sergio, a referencia from a miembro and we had an amazing experience with him this week.  He said, during a lesson, he actually stopped the lesson and said.  I want you to know (Elderes, Hermana Brenda - those in the lesson) that I am promising to God and to you that I will join this church.  I have received my answer through prayer and want to learn more and follow Christ.  That was amazing.  We pray for people like that every day.  That is the differene between people that we find on the street and people that the members give us.  We're stil working with some of our original investigators, for about six weeks, he will be ready for baptism in two weeks since we met him.  How amazing.  The Lord's chosen are found through the members.

The most important thing a missionary can do is understand his purpose.  Family - ready Preach My Gospel Chapter 1.

News:  The Bishop has started the paperwork to make Monte Carlo an official branch! Should take place in October.  ALso we're getting a whiteboard! Hooray! Miracles happen!

I love you all so much.  Sorry this letter wasn't very long.  I'm doing well and understanding more everyday about the missionary work.  Working with members is key.  Last night we did something that we should have done weeks ago - we had a meeting with the Moms and Dads of the branch and explained to them how we need their help in teaching their friends and family.  We're here to serve and we're trying our best.  We've all seen the blessings of the gospel and we asked them for two things: 1. Pray with your families to think of families that you know who the Lord has prepared for the gospel and 2. think of specific activity ideas to attract families to the church.

I love you all!


Hermana Rivera is Woodlands 3rd Ward, Houston West Stake.

Please write to Hermana Sarai Rodriguez. She's in my mission and hasn't received any letters from her family.  Have Schmutz help you translate.  She doesn't speak English.

Prae comes soon!
3339 - that bat ended up in our house somehow?
3165 - Elder Cotton y yo with our free large frosties from our DL - we had more that 200 open the mouth for five weeks in a row
3169 - I love Blue Steel and mail
3242 - me and my charamusca for the good when it's hot outside
3244 - strange duck...?!?

We're moving out of the church and into a smaller house.  The ward is going to pay for the large house and Elder Cotton y yo are going to live seperate from the church.

Thanks for your prayers.  I feel that strength everyday.  You are amazing.  I love you all!!

Miss you,

Until the next P-day, the day more sacred than them all,

Elder Clay

Bat that ended up in our house??? 
Wendy's Frosty from District Leaders-YUM!

I love mail- keep it coming!

My daily charamusca (like ice cream) so good when it's hot outside

Strange Duck?  What is this?

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