Monday, August 22, 2011

WHOA Week!

Familia! I can't believe that it's already another P-day!

I've had quite the insane week. Seriously WHOA..!!!
Here is the blow by blow:

After finishing the sacred time of EMAIL last Monday we returned to the house and were undressing and in the process of cooking dinner when at 5:30 we received a call that said, "Get to Tegucigalpa now."  We were informed then that Elder Cotton had a District Leaders counsel Tuesday.  What the heck??!?!?!? So we quickly left and miraculously arrived in Teguc at 9:30.  

Tuesday Elder Cotton went to the consejo and I did divisions with some Zone Leaders. That was pretty awesome but we were robbed of a day of working in our area. We had citas and important things to do before the rug was jerked out from under us. But, good news: In the Distrct Meeting there were prizes given out.  We won three of the four competitions: Companionship studies, Open the Mouth, New Familias.  We should have won baptisimal challenges but for some reason didn't.  This means that we got FREE FOOD: a 34 quart thing of Kool-Aid mix, Pringles, Laffy Taffy, Sweet Tarts, and Bottle Caps. LO MAXIMO.  We love Kool-Aid.

This was a great week for food.  We celebrated Elder Cotton's 12 month mark on Thursday.  He made jocon: a Guatamalan dish.  Also Nannie's pudding and alfredo mix we had this week were absoutely out of this world. Especially the pudding. Whoa. 

Well we lost more time on Wednesday when the owner of the house came by and wanted to complain to us about a bunch of things wrong with the house.  She expected it to be in perfect mint condition and said that the house was brand new, etc...what the heck? She wasted our time but oh well.  We had a meeting with her and the bishop (a lawyer) yesterday to dicuss renewing the contract. It was nice to finally be able to see the contract, something we'd been unable to obtain beforehand...

Wednesday was nuts but it was for a reason.  One of the people that we're going to baptize this week is Norma. She and her little brother live with Hermana Alistra (a miembro) through some foster care program.  She is 16, pregant and blind.  As we were about to head home Wednesday we ran into the frantic Hermana Alistra because Norma was about to have her baby about a week early.  We were able to give her a blessing of health and comfort before they left for the hospital.  Everything went fine and on Saturday we got to hold the two day old, seven pound little girl.  The Lord works miracles that teach us lots. 

Thursday we had Disrict Meeting.  Elder Cotton focused on understanding who we are and why we're here as missionaries. If everyone understood that there would be no disobedient missionaries. The problem is is that there are many who come to the mission not understanding the importance of the calling and the time that they (we) should be dedicating to the Lord.  Elder Cotton rocks.  After the meeting we had to go to the city to pay for our water at the house and also to the Registro National de Personas to look up the partidas de nacimiento of some investigators for their baptism this Saturday.  This is a crazy place! Anyone can go and access anyone else's birth certificate...?!?!?

Friday we finally had a full day of proselting and work in Monte Carlo.  Saturday was also pretty awesome.  Sunday we lost the whole day and Sunday was hard.. and sad.  We had the dedication of the San Salvador Temple in the morning which was absolutely beautiful.  After the dedication we went home, ate and had to change plans.  We had planned a Sacrament Meeting at 2:00 so that we could bring people to church but the bishop told us in the morning that the meeting was not authorized by the area seventies. We cried a little because as we passed by all of our investigators and people that we'd invited, many of them were in the process of getting ready, gathering family members, etc and there would have been about 15 investigators in church. Including two families.  How amazing would that have been?!? Instead of being the best Sunday in the history of Monte Carlo we were devestated.  But I know that we'll be blessed even though we couldn't have regular church.  The Lord has blessed the people who had the desire and showed faith by acting to prepare to come to church.  Next week should be good.  We're hoping we have a great turn out. 

Further, in the afternoon Sunday was lost most of the day to the meeting with the owner and the bishop.  She repeated her complaints to him.  Thankfully he's understanding and realizes that she needs to be happy for the church to continue to be here. She almost told us that she didn't want to rent the house for the church anymore. Luckily the bishop is going to assign someone to regularly clean the inside and outside of the house (Mom - picture to come).  We just don't have time to clean the whole thing after the disasters that people leave after church.

I'm looking forward to a new week, hopefully less crazy.  Although the responsibilites that Elder Cotton has are going to change our schedule and we're not going to be able to spend as much time working in our area.  I'm a little sad by that but I'm going to support my companion and take the opportunity to learn how he works as DL.

One thing that makes me feel good as I struggle to understand something that someone says is as we're walking away Elder Cotton says, "Don't worry, I didn't understand a word either" before I can even say anything.  There are so many people here who mumble and slur words and talk softly and quickly.  I'm glad that he can't understand the people that I can't understand.

There is this one empty lot that everynight has luciernagas (fireflies) everywhere.  It is the most beautiful thing ever.  I wish that I could send a picture of it but...the camera can't handle the night like that.

Good news: I'm beginning to dream in Spanish regularly and I'm well beyond translating in my head when I want to talk.  My accent should be coming.  Elder Cotton says that I'm improving.

Saturday we were told a crazy story by some Hermanas here who claimed to have seen a demon in the house. Super locas. But we had the opportunity to dedicate the home, something that was pretty cool.  I felt the spirit as I blessed their home to be a place of love, order, and safety.  There is a true difference between the homes of members and the homes of non members.  There is a special spirit that we feel as we enter their homes. 

The district making Baleadas

Licha a red fruit that rocks!

Tegucigalpa view from a bridge by the mission office


Job Dog???
We got a free cake on Saturday along with a great surprise! A bunch of the youth, directed by an ex-misionera came to clean the house! We love that because our time on P-day is limited and we can't clean the whole house! What a great surprise! 

Today - letter from Schmutz! He definitely is winning the snail mail award. Dude - you rock.  Also you are going to be the greatest fighter who ever leeeved.

I love my family.  You guys are the greatest.  Thanks so much for the support and prayers and love and letters and everything.  You keep me looking forward to P-day and to starting a new week with freshly gained energy and enthusiaam.

Dad - thanks for the answers to the questions. That rocked.   And we're not counseling anyone persay but the Hermanas that are in our district are going to need some extra loving care. Sister missionaries are awesome but the require some extra help in many things.  I'm learning lots this change from Elder Cotton.  Stick it to the man at KM.  Take Kinder's desk.

Mommy - I love the pictures and thanks for sending packages. I look forward with unimaginable anticipation to their arrival.  Keep with the scripture study and remember Alma 56:47-48.  I wish I could send you rain because it sounds miserable there.  The rain is such a blessing because it is so hot and the rain cools things down usually....Good luck with the new school schedule! I know you'll make it all work but try to find time to relax for you.  Also Spanish time is important. Thanks for the Jared, Jordan and Cameron updates.  I appreciate that.  Keep me posted with news! I love you lots Mommy. You're the best and the most frequent topic of conversation outside of our investigadores.  It's always... I miss my Mommy...etc.

Dannee, Katri, Prae - Keep loving KHS and TEXAS.  I love that school started for y'all.  Love seminary and study.  School is important and y'all are getting such a great education that the children and teens here in Honduras will never get. Take advantage of that. Also keep the party and noise levels high and alive at home. Remember: Dad won't hit you for yelling and makng obnoxious noises. 

Lots of Love,

Elder Clay

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