Monday, September 5, 2011

Roller Coaster week

I love my family!

Day 90, P-day 13. Elder Cotton and I only have 2 more P-days together. After that who knows! Monte Carlo is still all in one piece. So far.

As usual this week was an emotional roller coaster. Things are crazy as a missionary. There is never a week that is all good or all bad. At times it is very difficult to do this work. As we invest so much time and emotion into our investigators, the branch, and the members it hurts to not see success and happiness and rainbows and butterflies all the time. It is so difficult to continue helping people if they don't want to help themselves.

Let's begin.

Tuesday we went in the morning to the city to go to the Registro National de Personas to finally find the D.O.B. of Gerson (baptized last week). Also we decided that we should investigate our electricity. Everyone receives a receipt every month. We've been here for two with nothing and the missionaries before never paid so we investigated. Here you can pay water and electricity at any bank because they are both government run. We got the "clave" of our meter and went to the bank. We paid only L. 15. About $0.85. For two months. There is some strange rule that if you consume less than a certain amount it's free. That was nice.

I do hate leaving and changing the schedule in the mornings! We didn't get to have our usual study time which I missed. We returned and before lunch we went with Javier and this week we worked hard with him and his addiction. We're focusing on the Book of Mormon and he's doing well. We put a fecha bautismal for this Saturday. So far so good. I love Javier because he wants to change and improve and be baptized. Yesterday he brought two sisters and a friend and a cousin to church. He knows it's important.

Wednesday was a good day! We got to work, normally, in our area all day long. That was nice. I did see an albino latino. I never thought that day would come. Also for dinner, courtesy of Mommy, Elder Cotton and I enjoyed Alfredo sauce. We could drink it. So amazing. And there is something that rocks. All of the pulperias are having a sale on coconut soda. It is amazing.

Thursday was zone meeting. I really do love our Zone Leaders. They are great missionaries and do lots to help us but the zone meetings are so long and I would rather be proselyting! For zone meeting we have the class then we all go to get lunch (Free food - mission pays) and Thursday we didn't get to return to the area until like three. Horrible. And we did divisiones with the problem companionship of our district. Elder Cotton went with Elder Gonzalez and Elder Cizmas came with me to Monte Carlo. Elder Cizmas is from Las Vegas and is baggy like crazy. He only has 8 months and uses as his excuse that all of his companions have had like 3 or less changes left in the mission. We left in the heat of a huge thunder storm because it was time to go to work! We hit the important citas with the little time that we had in the day and got to bring with us Miguel, the son of our favorite member here, who is preparing for his mission!

I was glad to get Elder Cotton back on Friday. Divisions are difficult because the other companion doesn't know the area, the investigator history or anything so it was all up to me to lead the lessons and ask the imporant questions. I know it's good practice for me and perhaps we're helping the baggy companionship but I would prefer to keep my companion. It just seems more efficient.

Friday was an amazing day. We had a great miracle. Elder Cotton and I have one family confirmed for the stake activity for the 17th. (If I haven't given you detalles: The stake and the mission are working together to put together a giant wedding/baptism for families. There is going to be a deal with some lawyers who are members who'll do the service for cheap and the goal of every companionship is two families.) Friday night we confirmed the second family! We've been teaching Maria for a long time and her husband, Santos, has been constructing their house and hasn't had time for us. Maria has been telling us that he wants nothing to do with church, God, etc. What she wants more than anything is to be married and baptized and Friday night we finally had the chance to talk with them together. We challenged him to be baptized and married and he accepted! No problems! Sunday they came to church and gave us their information so we can start the paperwork. The Lord softened his heart and let him feel the Spirit.

Saturday we baptized our most intelligent investigator of them all (100% dead serious). Jean Carlo is 11 and is brilliant and loves to read. He's reading the Book of Mormon. We originally started teaching his Mom and he began participating and as we would pass and the Mom wasn't there he would ask us to teach him! He came to church by himself and was ready to be baptized Saturday. The good news (baptizing a child is not good news) is that after the baptism, which his family attended, the father, who works 12 days, rests 7, etc, asked if we baptized couples. We visited with them and they want to be married and baptized! It's difficult with them because Hermano Carlos works that crazy schedule, but they are very positive and their son in an incredible example.

Sunday was a little difficult. Reverence is a bit of a problem as the people like to talk a little all through the service. Not so bad if it is just a few but it seems to be most of the adults! We’re working on it of course. We were comforted that the Lord protects our investigators. Hermano Santos nos dijo that even though there was some noise, etc that that wouldn't deter them from going to church. They know the doctrine is true. Elder Cotton said it nicely: Honduras is like the nursery, since the church is very new here and everyone is starting from the beginning.

It is already another P-day! I can't believe time is going this fast. Family, I think about our memories every day. The vacations, lazy days at home, projects, yard work, pictures, etc. I love your support and prayers. Thanks so much! Keep me updated on everything. I complete three months Thursday!

The pictures are of a bush of chilies at someone's house and the baptism photo.

I love you all very, very much.

Thanks for the emails from friends!

Also I'm always praying and cheering for GPG. Help me with my ant problem! They are everywhere in our house!

Your favorite Son and brother,

Elder Clay, who loves his family

I love you Mommy

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