Monday, October 24, 2011

Thankful the streets have dried

My beloved family this is week 20!

Thinking?  Where to go next???
Just so we're all clear I realize that last week was actually day 132. I know that there is no such thing as a six or eight day week so everyone just sit back down because even I can make a counting mistake at times. Send me complaints if any. 

So it was a surprisingly quick week! We were able to spend almost the entire week unbothered and in our area! That is always the goal. I am finding that not having a district leader as a companion draws less attention to us which means that we can stay in our area and work unbothered, in peace.

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week it kept raining and Thursday it finally stopped.  You wouldn't even be able to comprehend how amazing the improvement in the quality of the streets has been with only 5 days without rain.  The mud factor has been dramatically reduced! But while we were very blessed and unaffected by the rain, there was some extreme flooding in some areas.  Bridges failed and even the road to Tegucigalpa was severly damaged and for about 5 days there was no passage from Choluteca to Teguc.  Our favorite member, Hermana Mercedes is from a small pueblo se llama El Corpus and there was no passage to there from anywhere and her family living there ran out of food and suffered a few days without anything. She had to cross a raging river, food in tow to bring to her literally starving family.  We are more blessed than I thought to live in the United States.  The infrastructure (sp?) alone is something that I take for granted.

It took Elder Tarver and I most of the 11 days of subsequent rain to understand why in the world we were both having to pee so much! We figured it out. We were still drinking an enormous (acutally, the normal) amount of water but with the rain we literally were not sweating at all so we were peeing out about a gallon a day.  I know that everyone is just loving this litle side story.

This story is better. Another amzing fruit that we have from our relationship with Herman Mercedes is the love of her dogs.  Her giant black lab, who we nicknamed Zorro followed us most of the days of this week. Elder Tarver and I decided that he is like the Holy Ghost. Friday we had the opportunity to do a little bit of service.  There is a lady here who detest us but we saw her cleaning up her yard so we decided to offer our help which she gratefully accepted.  As we were leaving she offered us dinner for Friday night.  We arrived a mere fifteen minutes after the requested time and she had turned her house into a party! There was terribly drunk people offering us alcohol and dancing, etc.  We were given two small plates of food and we sat down and began to eat in a corner. We of course had our beloved Zorro with us but quite symbolically the patrons there chased him away.  We decided that it was symbolic of the wickedness driving away the Spirit.  We promptly left. And at the end of our day, Zorro walked us home, then after we were safely inside our walled fortress he turned around and went home! What more could you want in a dog? 

Zorro the dog who follows the missionaries around town
Thursday we did divisiones and I must say that after those divisiones I have a much greater love for my companion.  I went to the other area with Elder Ajanel a guatamateco from a small small pueblo (he says that they burn people alive at the stake if they steal or committ crimes, that is a true story).  He however is not quite as awesome as that particular punishment of his home town.  Just his teaching style how he talked with people and everything really made me glad to come back to Monte Carlo with Elder Tarver. Other happenings on divisiones: I saw my first pig in Honduras, played rayuela (hopskotch sort of) and got proposed too! I did however reject that proposal.  

I always have to talk about church! This Sunday was pretty good.  We had 46 in attendance.  I loved this Sunday more than others because Elder Tarver and I got to control most of the teaching, therfore we limited the false doctrine and apostasy! I was asked to speak about 10 minutes before church started, second hour we had an investigator class with five solid investigators, third hour Elder Tarver and I taught priesthood.  My sacrament talk was on Alma 56 and Efesios 6.  Put on the armor of God and defend your family and what you believe in! Our lesson was on the need to act and the need to be called and chosen (D&C 121:34).

Sunday is a good day for missionaries.  We had last week an awesome member, baptized 18 months ago invite us every week for dinner and to teach his 19 year old cousin the gospel.  We challenged Miguel, the cousin, to baptism and he said yes.  Also what was amazing for me was what he said next.  He said, "But, I need you to keep coming over, I need more lessons.  Something tells me that this is true and I need more lessons." Wow! That was so amazing. I wish everyone told us that.

We recently found an awesome family! They bought us Gatorade which makes them awesome, but more importantly, they pay close attention in every lesson, the read and they pray and ask detailed questions about doctrine that they find as they study the folletos and the Book of Mormon. We are very excited to teach this family. We'll see if they progress!


In Honduras there is the 75 minutes rule.  If you are told that an activty begins at 09:00 you can comfotably arrive at 10:15 to find that the activity is just about to commence. Not a joke. 

I am learning to become more comfortable with silence in our lessons as we ask questions

Mommy moments that I remembered during rainy times growing up: Mom would always wait at the bus stop which was a solid 100 yards from our back door during my middle school years to drive me from the bus stop to the house if it was raining.  We went to Colorado when I was 11 and we rode an old style train and it started to rain. Mom bought us hot chocolate and a blanket. Another favorite was a recent occurrance after we moved to Houston from Vidor.  It began to rain super hard and we were worried because before our house had flooded! Mom reassured us that we didn't need to be frantically picking up everything off the floor. I love my Mommy.

Dannee: I love the letters and the Toy Story Stickers.

Katri: You are going to make the musical

Dad: You know every moment is crucial for me. Every second is to be taken advantage of. 

No letters this week. Will get them Thursday at the district meeting. 

I love you so much family!
Another P-day has come and gone.  I begin week 21 this week.  Week 6 with Elder Tarver and Tomorrow is day 140. Only 62 more days until the Christmas phone call.  The time is flying! I love you so much. Thanks for the letters, prayers, love, and support. I need all of the above.

Your misionero,

Elder Clay

Elder Clay has always loved seeing rainbows

Celebrating Dannee's 18th birthday at the local bakery

Honduran Flag near small school.

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