Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"I Like it"

I love you people!

I talked to you yesterday! 

There is just one story that I need to tell you that involves the song "I Like It" by Enrique Iglesias. 

So we were contacting on Tuesday night and we talked to a young looking guy.  He was in a hurry but we felt like we talk to him. So he told us, oh, just come over tomorrow and then he gave us vague directions to his house. We were sad because we knew that we weren't going to be find him. So we tried to go find his house based on the directions that he gave us and we ended up stopping to talk to an old man on the opposite side of the colonia where he said that he lived and the guy wasn't too too positive and we were about to leave but then I heard from his house I like it and then I let my comp keep talking while I zoned out listening to the song, just knodding....and out of the corner of my eye guess who we saw.....the guy! He was walking with his girlfriend and we ended up stalking him for like 30 minutes to find his house. We found it and challenged him to baptism and the biggest miracle of all was that he actually understood the lesson that we taught. He was able to explain why after the death of Jesus Christ that God had to call a new prophet to guide us. He understood! That has never happened to me! Every time we teach the Apostasy and then ask the question "So what should God do know?" and this time was the first time he actually said "Call another prophet!" I was amazed.  The Lord is with us. And blessed us for stalling at that house to listen to that song. If we had left any sooner we would have turned the corner and never found him. 
You are the best family ever. Just a mere 140 days or so until May 13.  


Elder Clay

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