Monday, June 18, 2012

The Lord is guiding me

I love my family!

I am going to finish the letter here. I tried getting it written but last night I had to take the dats from the zone. It takes forever.  So I wrote some of the letter on Saturday night. 

My study desk  where I was taking down the stats in my zone

But we left off with Wednesday.

It was a day of getting more marriage papers taken care of.  This saturday (23) we'll have 2 weddings in the zone.  We got to go out and work with the Bishop.  He is pretty awesome. Similar to my Miraflores experience the comments from former missionaries about the liderarzgo of the ward are completely invalid.  The Bishop according to them is not supportive, but again we discover that the leaders are much  more willing to help than they said.  I am just continually shocked at the lack of member coordination.  It seems that we're picking up the pieces from some investigators that the other missionaries left a while ago.  But I love the area.  We've got lots to do.  Also I am finally excited to start papers for one of our families!
The proseliting was good as well.  We have progressing investigators and people that are receptive.  I am still adjusting to the dramatic change from Miraflores.  I am glad to feel that there isn't enough time to teach everyone!  There are always challenges but at this point in my mission I feel so much more prepared to manage my own area and help people accept our message and receive blessings God is waiting to derramar.  I always explain that baptism is the literal first step.  Satan always attacks us hardest in the moments when we're about to make an important step, or covenant.  I know that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Being ZL brings all kinds of new experiences that I couldn't have had as a normal missionary.  I am learning so much.  It feels like I am starting my mission all over again.  But I am also grateful that I could have a year to be a normal missionary.  The Lord knows what is best and I know that Presidente is authorized to receive the revelation.  

One of the best contacts of the week was a single dad named Armando.  About a year ago he was listening to the missionaries very close to Montecarlo and is now living here and wantts to listen and get baptize.  The only problem is that he needs a divorce, and a marriage.  Divorces are super expensive.  It could cost $500.  But the amazing thing is how we found the guy.  We were just walking along and found him walking on the street.  He didn't say anything, just smiled, and we talked to him and went to his house.  He and his two sons came to church on Sunday. 

Sunday was one of the most stressful yet best days in the mission! We had 14 investigators in church--the most I've ever had! What a miracle! We're still working on overall attendance.  The ward only has about 95 attendance weekly.  Last night we made peanut butter cookies at a member's house with some less actives.  They were so good.  

I really appreciate the hand of the Lord in my mission.  It is an amazing time of my life.  Every single day I can see how the Lord is helping me to to His work.  I love and appreciate all the support and prayers.  We are doing to mission.  

They EFY 2012 CD is super awesome.  There is a baggy missionary song.  Time is flying. The second year is really going fast! 

I love and miss you lots.  

The other photo is the desk Sunday night taking dats.

Love you.

Elder Clay

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