Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Busy, Busy week

I love my family, día 391,

This week, as the others, has been busy, busy, busy!

Monday I became an official catracho (hondureño).  I went to some government office to take out my residency.  I am a residente, not a citizen, but I feel like it was a big step.  The best part of the day was that I got to hang with Elder Gonzalez all day long.  Government buildings, as we know, are not too efficient. We did get hooked up and the secretary did let the 7 missionaries cut everyone else.  Elder Cotton picked us up, so my two favorite missionaries -- Cotton y Gonzalez were together.  Rocked.  We talked with the APs about some of the happenings of the placheros, trying to resolve the problems with disobedience.  Monday night had an awesome family home evening. The members are helping! They invited a young couple and is having us teach them! Then the Bishop and his wife had us over for pizza because they like us. I was thinking that it is always a bad thing to close the area and open it up with new missionaries because investigators get dropped, etc but in this case it has been wonderful for the missionary-member relationship.  They love us, probably the biggest reason because we're just different!

Tuesday we had a meeting with the APs and Presidente talking about the troubles that we've been having with the disobedientes.  It was a cool meeting. We really got to see that President really loves and wants to help the missionaries.  After being in that disipline like meeting I really could see that the love he has is real.  He wants to help the missionaries to repent and understand the purpose of the mission.  Nothing makes me sadder than to see missionaries who don't understand the purpose of the mission.  They waste their time away hiding from authority and trying to get away with doing things they know that they shouldn't.  The saddest part is that they are not sad getting caught. They are sad for the punishment because they have no desire to change.  They are mad at the punishment and haven't taken the teaching moment as it should've been.  

Wednesday we had to participate in the emergency changes, going to the office.  Hopefully things get better as time goes on.  Repentance only works if it is voluntary!

Pinata from a zone activity
I suppose that in the short amount of time that I have left instead of going day by day I will just share with you my thoughts and feelings about what is going on.  I really love the mission.  I love serving the Lord.  I know that the rules are important and that they are commandments for us.  The area is so wonderful.  We are really working with the members.  It is still the balance -- zone stuff, area stuff, taking care of the members.  We're getting better.  The bishop and the members have all expressed their willingness to help and have showed it.  We've been accompanied to visits, they've helped bring people to church for us and seem to be interested in the work of the Lord.  The best thing for a missionary is to be supported by his family and the ward.  Please do all that you can do to support the Elders in the ward, even if they're not the best, most obedient missionaries you, the members can really have an impact on them. Offer to let them use our home, give them transport, etc.  It helps the animation and excitement for the work of the Lord if we know that there are people who support us.  I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ.  

Thank you so much for being a family who loves me and supports me.  It is hard to see the increidble sacrifices that many missionaries make to be here.  This area that I have to work in is so impoverished. Last night we went to visit an 83 year old woman whose house burned down.  She is basically living outside because she doesn't have any money to build a new house.  I just cried inside imagining my grandparents living like that. Cooking on a fire outside, sleeping in the cold, slightly rainy night. We are a truly blessed people.  The mission is one of the most humbling experience.  Maybe it is just Honduras, but I am feeling so blessed which brings a feeling of responsibility to help other people.  The simple blessings that we have --  a roof, running water, lights, etc are not always givens here! Always remember that the education that we have access to is more of a blessing than we know.  Even education doesn't mean everything.  There is a guy here we know who has a degree in business administration, strategy, and finance and has no job.  This is a diffcult world. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the best remedy for these challenges experienced by all the world. 

I love you lots.

I got a great surprise.  A PACKAGE FROM MARY MADORA.  I love her.  A letter from Alicia Brighton and Nannie.

Love you lots.

Photos - piñata for a birthday in the zone and the package from Mary.

Love you family. Miss you lots.

Sunday is 13 months!


package from Mary Lyman

Mary knows what Elder Clay like to eat
Elder Clay

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