Thursday, January 10, 2013

Now an A.P. (Assistant to Presidente`)

Well, we had changes and Wednesday night Presidente called me to be AP

P-day is now Saturday for me from email on  December 17, 2012

Letter written on December 22, 2012

I love you! 

I have irresponsibly neglected email today.  We've really been working on getting this office organized and in better shape.  No time to lose! I'll have to update you a bit more detailedly in the phone call (days away!) 

My new companion is Elder Moore (the first comp that I have aside from Cotton with more time in the mission than I and who knows more about the area than I)  He is in the group that goes home right before me (he has 3 changes left and I, 4).

Just so you know the office is already in much better shape and Elder-proof so that when everyone comes to bother us we're more able to fend them off and continue working in peace.  

Speaking of the phone call.. It looks like at some point on Monday I'll surface with skype for about 30 minutes and then on Tuesday make the actual phone call.  I suppose we can talk more on Monday but is the international phone plan still in effect or do you want me to buy minutes? I know that both GoogleTalk and Skype have good deals for calling phones.  

I drove on Thursday. Scary. 

Hope all is well. 
From now on it will be Saturdays that I have for P-day.  
I will surface at some point on Monday still with my original skype name orson.clay

Miss and love you so much. Next week I'll be more organized. The reason why I'm in a hurry is because in about 30 minutes I have to be playing in a Christmas devotional for my Guaymuras Stake (which I was in in Miraflores).  

My current area/ward is called the 30 de Julio in the Stake (and zone) Esperanza.  

I know it's short but in mere hours we'll be able to talk.  

Love and miss you more tnan you'll know. 

Elder Clay

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