Monday, April 14, 2014

Sister Clay is now a senior companion

but.....this week: it got colllllld (like 6-12 graus) and rained a kitten load friday
saw a giant roach again
ate xis with schweeps citrus
transfer calls came..........i got transferred to.....the other bedroom. sister taynã stayed too. her new gringa gets here tomorrow and i´m senior comp to sister gusmão - she finished training agora
last district mtg was PODEROSO......probs the best one i´ve had and.....just when the district is muito unido transfers. but the district didn´t change much. have a new DL and 2 new gringos.
and......roger e meline got married!!! (we´ve been helping him get active again and we´re trying to get meline baptized)
and we made tacos :) #coisamaisfelizdomundo homemade tortillas = heaven
....and i think thats it.


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