Monday, December 5, 2011

6 months down!

Elder Tarver, Elder Clay, Elder JA Gonzales (MTC companion) and Elder???
I love you family! It is day 181. Tomorrow I complete 26 weeks and Thursday it is the 25% mark. It will be 6 MONTHS!!!! Whoa!!!! Can't even believe that! 

As usual it was a very crazy week. I am just starting to expect insanity. You know I was in Teguc last Monday and Tuesday I emailed you! So let's begin...

Tuesday we started to act on the words of Presidente. He said that we could find 6 families each week. have contact everyday with all investigators, find new people to teach! So Tuesday, according to our faith, we found a new family! 
Christmas decoration package from mom
 Wednesday we did the same thing.  We were looking, contacting, knocking doors, trying to find a family! And...we did! Two days in a row. Thursday we found one as well.  Unfortunately those were the only three that we found all week long, but the good news is that we tried and that we found many partial families, o sea, the husband or wife.  This coming week we will begin to return to find the spouse.  I have a very firm testimony that Presidente Hernandez is the leader of the missionary work here. The authorized representative of God to help us improve. He tells us what we can do if we work hard. We'll begin imperfectly but with time we will be able to optimize the work and find 6 families a week, get 2 in church a week and baptize 1 a week.  That is what Presidente wants so that is what we shoot for. 

Thursday finding our family was under interesting circumstances. I am always amazed how the spirit works.  We were walking to some visit and as usual there were many kids shouting ¿Quieren café? like a million times. It was particularly annoying that day so we decided to go confront them. The kids ran away but already being at the end of the street we looked around and found a man and his wife outside. So we talked with them and prayed right there in their front yard! How funny the spirit is!

Friday Presidente and the APs came down for a multi Zone Conference. It was awesome. I love hanging out with Presidente. 
Bus ride
Afterwards I aprovechar-ed the opportunity and talked with Presidente about cambios! I loudly announced to him, in front of his wife that Elder Tarver "está listo para manejar la obra en Monte Carlo" Tarver turned red as Presidente said, "Sí, puedo ver eso." So I am pretty sure he will train here because 26 new missionaries come in on the 14th.  I will be leaving.  I told Presidente that I would like to go to the zone of Elder Cotton, according to his revelation of course. He said, "Thanks for asking me, you can always ask and give suggestions!" Love that guy. 

Haircut from Javier who is preparing to go on a mission
Saturday we had a trauma. I lost my keys! We looked everywhere that we had been that morning. I discovered them missing as we were going in for lunch at 13:00.  We failed in the search and borrowed the keys of Hno. Grandes a member with the back up set. We planned to go and copy them Monday.  But a miracle happened. Sunday morning we left early to try and bring investigators to church (we failed, no one came) and when we returned my keys were on the table in the house! Hno. Grandes was preparing the sacrament and said some jóvenes that he didn't know came and dropped them off! Crisis averted.

Sunday church was good for me because epic Javier (baptized 10/sept/2011) had on a white shirt and tie as you see in the picture and Miguel, who gave me the cholo hair cut did as well. They both have mission plans in the near future.  
Sunday with Elder Tarver and Javier
The epic Noé as usual gave us Sunday night dinner.  Last night was especially good to break the fast. That is the one thing we can count on. Sunday dinner with Noé.  
Letters from Nannie (2) and DearElder from Anna.

Thank you so much for not having me go a week without letters.  Whatever YW group or person reading this that has time write letters to missionaries.  There are so many in my mission without home support. Generic letters mailed to Presidente Hernandez will be greatfully distributed to missionaries who need love.  More important than helping the local people and their poverty is helping these missionaries. I am too spoiled by my awesome family.  Help missionaries! 

I love my family.  We are only 20 days away from the phone call. 

Thanksgiving dinner package from mom
Miss you more than you'll know.


Elder Clay

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