Monday, December 12, 2011

No normal weeks

I love you family! Things are moving quickly here. 
Día 188. Yesterday was my 24th Sunday in the big M.C. Tomorrow marks 27 weeks in the mission, and of course the most important time update is the.....13 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS PHONE CALL! 

Yea, that is real!
This week will fly by. I have a mere day and a half left in my area and Wednesday morning, too early, I will be leaving Monte Carlo to go to......??? I will be advised too late on Tuesday night. There are 11 zones in the mission. North to South we have Danli, 5 zonas en Teguc, Valle Verde, San Lorenzo, Monjaras, 2 zonas en Choluteca.  I am currently in a Choluteca zone. So....any guesses?

I may have commented this before but there are no normal weeks in the mission.  This week started out very promisingly normal! Tuesday and Wednesday we worked normally but then it got crazy. 

This is probably the millionth time for me to mention this but Elder Tarver and I have decided to focus hard on people that progress and hopefully families that progress.  So sadly we have dropped many of the former investigators that we've had but this entire change we've spent lots of time out of the area due to many crazy activites and responsibilites and helping others...etc so we haven't quite gotten back up to capacity with investigators. This week we were looking forward to spending lots of time here contacting. Alas, our wishes were taken away, rather destroyed, utterly. 

Tuesday was great! We tried a lot of contacting! Elder Tarver and I came up with the motto summing up the mission: 2 years of walking, looking for the few chosen families. So we tried for lots of contacting all day and didn't really find much positivity. 
Little girl spending the day at market

Wednesday was also a rough day until the end.  Wednesday I read Jacob 5 from the Book of Mormon in the morning for my personal study and there are many times when I, as the missionary of Monte Carlo, feel like the Lord of the vineyard of the allegory when he would say, " What more could I have done?" I feel like I am trying to do my best but the investigators or members (at times my companion and other missionaries) just don't seem to be getting the important things or don't seem to want to change or to better. What more!  So it was the end of the day and we were about to head home very discouraged because we hadn't found not one positive person to teach.  So walking along we looked up and decided to follow the moon, have the moon lead us to where we should go to contact. As incredibly apostate and strange as that may sound we had a small miracle.  We came across Doris, a wife we found about a month ago.  She moved into their newly built house and we were able to meet her hubsand Carlos.  We had lost her at the move because we didn't know where the house was. But thanks to the guidance from the Spirit/moon we were able to return home that night feeling much better!

Thursday was crazy.  Our zone has been asked to film a video to be shown at the Christmas party of the mission next week. So I won't reveal much other than the request that everyone watch the very old church production of Together Forever.  I will get the video to you when I have the final copy.  It rocks. But it did eat up our whole day almost! We got back at four-ish from that long long day of filming. 

Here is where the excitement starts. Our ZL's have been pretty sick. One with a hernia and explosive diarrhea and the other with a bad flu and explosive diarrhea.  The reason why this affects me is not because they got me sick but because last Sunday night our District Leader got his companion taken away from him.  His comp got called to be an office Elder and so he doesn't have a companion until changes this week. He was at the ZL's house but Tarver and I, being so benevolent offered to babysit him for a while so he could avoid being sick. So Thursday was normal.  He worked with us in our area, but Friday was a disaster!

We were in three areas (his, ours, and Cabañas) doing baptismal interviews and proseliting.  We babysat him across the 5 buses we took and the 3 areas in which we worked. That was a crazy day. Bad part is that we were barely in our area! We thought we'd peacefully drop him off Saturday morning but the ZL's were still sick so we lost the entire day of Saturday preparing for Elder Wilkinson's (the companionless DL) baptism.  

Sunday was a normal Sunday in the big MC.  Noé and me. He cooks dinner for us every Sunday. Ignore the "I hate the world" expression on his face. He is very cheerful! Smiling in photos is not in the culture here.  

This morning we went back to the very poorly secured Honduran Prison and we talked with some of the inmates for a while. We were hoping for a tour but our favorite guard was nowhere to be found. Let me repeat how frighteningly easy it is to enter a Honduran prison. 

Got a PACKAGE from G-MA!!! Letters from G-ma and Dannee!
Grandma knows Orson!

Mary and Anna - I will be getting response letters in the mail to you soon! Things have been too busy......

BYU friends and family - Finals week is almost over. Kick butt.  You can do it. Christmas break is close! I love you and I love BYU!

A boy about 5 walking down the street
Thanks to all for the letters, emails, prayers, and support. I know I say this every time but I really do mean it.  The mission is flying by and I am being very well spoiled. Again, if you have extra time or energy write to a missionary anywhere in the world. Pick a mission and send many unnamed letters to that mission's Presidente.  There are so many missionaries who do not have home love like I do. Also when you pray for the missionaries around the world, pray for the Presidentes specifically, that they can have the ever needed inspiration to help the work move forward in their respective missions around the world. 

The mission is more for me than it is for the people here. I know I am learning so much and growing in my testimony lots. 

Love and miss you all so much.

Elder Clay!!!

A little bit of  Texas, one of Elder Clay's favorite meals (no need for him to worry about  calories-LOL)

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