Monday, January 30, 2012

All is well in Honduras

Family, you are wonderful for yet another week! I love you! 

All is well here in Honduras. 
Elder Lorenzo, Elder Clay, Elder Moncado, Presidente & Hermana

As you know, it was change week.  Elder Moncada left as predicted and I am training for the third time. My compañero is super awesome.  He is going to be the best "hijo" that I have had. Elder Lorenzo is from Chimaltenango, Guatemala.  He, like Elder Moncada, is one of 9 siblings. His parents joined the church before he was born. He is the third born. They were sealed in the temple 10 yeras ago. He is very humble and teachable, wants to learn and wants to be a good missionary.  I am excited to work with him these next two changes. So, if all is normal I will stay in Miraflores with Elder Lorenzo until the 18th  of April the year of our Lord 2012.  

???, Elder J.A. Gonzales (MTC comp), Elder Lorenzo
Other exciting news: we are going to upgrade our apartment.  This week we should be moving to a bigger room. It's not going to be too big of a move as it is in the same building! The owner of the apartment is a very powerful man. He is the personal doctor of the Presidente of Honduras and has property all over the country! He lives in our ward boundaries but in the area of the other Elders. He was nice to give us a good deal on the bigger room.  So we'll actually be able to set up a table and use that instead of our beds to study.  

Monday we went to the temple! And in the night we went to begin saying bye bye to members for Moncada. I made an awesome pumpkin pie thanks to Mommy's thanksgiving meal package.  Funny story. We made the pie in the house of Hermana Alonso who is a widow of like sixty something years. We finished the pie and we left her a piece and it was time to go! We were late getting back to the house because she wouldn't get up to open the gate for us because her telenovela didn't break for a commercial. 

 Tuesday was not too exciting for proselyting either but we did bring a couple to visit the family Zepeda again. They are moving forward. The husband is being difficult but has his goals to come back to church and help his family move forward. We're still waiting on the divorce papers of the wife, Carolina so we can baptize her. We got the call Tuesday night at nine, a miracle, that I was going to train again. 

Pumpkin Pie made by Elder Clay

Wednesday morning we went to the training meeting at Presidente's house.  I saw Elder Gonzalez who is training for the second time! He is super awesome. Again we are not in the same zone but one day we indeed will.  The meeting was great.  Presidente asked me to comment very frequently and gave me a great introduction publically confessed his confidence in me which made me feel happy inside. We left the meeting went to the stake center, took our bus and were back in Miraflores by 14:45.  We started to work! As a side note we took a taxi ride in a 1993 Mazda Protegé.  

The rest of the week was rather difficult. We had plans to go out and work with members Thursday, Friday, Saturday but at the last minute all plan failed with the members. It is so difficult to work here without the members. The contacts aren't too effective and for the most part people don't even open their doors.  So we did some improvised visits to members and random contacting to do some work.  The bad thing is that because of our need of the members we can't say anything to them about the importance of their committments because if they get offended they won't work with us! So we'll try again this week. One of the things that we have to do Sundays is fill up the week with visits with members to go and work and then during the week we call them like every single day to confirm.  

We did have some members step in at the last minute to help us out with important citas with Roberto but for the most part it was a difficult week for proselyting. I am grateful that Elder Lorenzo is very eager to work and wants to do the right!  So Roberto is still the same. Very crazy. He went to activity this week but not to church. It seems as though we take 2 steps forward and one step backward every week but slowly and surely we're  making progress with him.  He wants to learn but gets so excited in the visits that he doesn't easily let us talk and explain and answer his questions but the desire to learn is important. 
Package from mom & Mini's

I keep working hard. Still honing the efficiency part. I am praying that our plunge into working with the members is going to pay off. They are all glad to offer their houses but not as excited to give us references.  Step by step as usual. It is a new week and a least this Monday we have the week full with things to to with the members. What actually happens is another story. 

Jello Utah style with a peach!

Things with the fireside are more solid. It was discussed in bishopric meeting and executive committee this week. Assignemnts have been made to fill the gaps. 

Letters from Shannon, 

I love you all and miss you all too. My family is the greatest!

Elder Clay

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