Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 230

I love you family! 

Time is rocking along, it is already P-day yet again. 

I will tell you that it was a hard week but we did make some progress! 

We're really trying to work on the members here. We have several that are supposedly going to talk with their friends and neighbors and we pass and call and even talk to these friends and neighbors. We're trying to wake up these members a bit. They are helpful in going out to work with us, for the most part, and letting us use their houses to teach. This week we only had 1 lesson that was not taught with a member. We got a great compliment from the Bishop last night. We went to his house to talk about a few things and ask him if we could help his family.  He didn't have anything for us to do for him but did say he likes that we call him to go out and work. Apparently not many other previous missionaries did that. 

We met the Presidente of Comayaguela's wife and son who live in our ward.  The son has references for us so we'll be proselitng with the son of the other mission Presidente. In that same colonia lives the Pack family. They are from Orem, UT and are here working on the temple.  They are hardcore conservatives.  Not as hardcore active in the church but with 27 months living here they should be able to help us with people to teach.  It was good to talk to a native English speaker, non missionary. 

Thursday we had a scare but a great experience. This Roberto about whom I told y'all last week was supposed to go to the Elders' Quorom activity at the church but as we passed in the afternoon to remind him he told us he couldn't go. But....he asked if he could postpone the invite until...CHURCH ON SUNDAY! So Friday night we had him in the house of a member, who he knew for years, and had a more or less lesson where he confirmed that he would go to church. I didn't really want to get my hopes up because he is super crazy and you just never know. So...Saturday we passed of course to remind him about church and he said OK.  Still didn't want to get my hopes up.  But....Sunday morning...HE ARRIVED. I was almost blown away! The bishop and the EQ Presidente were amazed.  He loved church and then came to have lunch with us after church.  He still has a bit of fear that we're correct and he has a desire to learn and understand more. We just need that desire to superar his attachment to his current church so that he can open up his mind and really pray to ask for the answer. 

Thursday was probably the best day of the week besides Sunday.  We found a new investigator who is the cousin of a member who is attending the ward of his fiancé.  She is 28 and has lots of questions about life after death and what happens to the family. A great positve sign was that...she also came to church! So we earned our two investigators in church. Finally making some progress! 

The Lord is rewarding our diligence. We know that the only way to really have success here is through the members. Although at times I doubt the efficiency.  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we lost much time waiting for members who were supposedly going to go out and work with us.  We of course called many times the days before and the same day only to have excuses given at the last minute.  Not too thrilling but I suppose that even despite all of that that working with members is worth the pain. We're still learning where people live in our area as we go out and work with members they show us where inactives and former investigators live.

Here is the agenda for my fireside
Sábado, 25 Febrero 2012, 7:00 p.m., capilla Miraflores

Preludio: Mensajes Mormones
Coro de estaca: un himno, creo que es Divina Luz
Oración: Líder misional de barrio
Numero musical: Más Cerca Dios de Ti (Elder Clay, piano instrumental)
Discurso, Obispo Torres: José Smith, 10 minutos
Numero Musical: Mi Padre Celestial Me Ama (Elder Clay y otro, piano duo)
Numero Musical: Oración de un Niño (Hermana Melisa Barrientos y su sobriña, cantando duo)
Discurso, Hermana Hernandez: el Libro de Mormón, 10 minutos
Coro de estaca + congregación: El Espíritu de Dios
Discurso, Presidente Hernandez: Oración, respuestas, 10 minutos
Numero Musical: Coro de estaca + HJ/MJ + Elderes: Sirvamos Unidas/Ejercito de Helaman (EFY Medley)
Oración: misionero de barrio

... refrigerio..?

I think that I want to have the lyrics for the hymns projected for the instrumentals.  The bishop and Presidente Hernandez and the coro de estaca have all confirmed so we are moving forward. I picked the date because I wanted plenty of time to advise the whole world and get people inviting their neighbors. The bishop likes the idea and tomorrow is going to bring up the agenda in his reunión del obispado.  

Feel free for comments, complaints, suggestions for the fireside. 

Friday we got to do some painting at the house of the RS Presidenta.  Theirs is the next house we want to bring Roberto to. The hubsand was a hardcore evangelico like Roberto.  

Letters this week from Dannee (3), Katri, Mommy, Nannie and a package (I think it's the puzzle).  I am truly grateful for the support of you people! I love getting mail and love being able to read throughout the week the letters you send me. 

Dad - maybe now that you have an inside into the Schmutz family you can use your new level of clearance to find more concrete evidence to prove the true profession of your jolly neighbor who is known not to be so jolly to the enemies of the people who buy the GUNS HE SELLS.

Sorry that there are no pictures this week. We have to keep a bit higher of a security profile in this area so I don't really take my camera out of the house just to reduce the risk. I haven't been robbed but don't want to lose the camera if I do get robbed! Don't worry I am cautious and the people don't bother the missionaries in this area.  

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family. I know that the Lord wants me to be here. He supports and helps me to be a good missionary.  I know that there is a power in the daily study of the scriptures.  

This week I will get a new compañero. Presidente confirmed that the plane ticked of Elder Moncada has been purchased for Thursday January 26.  Tomorrow night they will tell us about changes. I have already passed one change in my new area. 5 changes total (of 16) in the mission. Time is moving along!

Love and miss y'all always,

Elder Clay

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