Monday, January 16, 2012

Lots of visits this week

Birthday package from mom!
Family, I love you!

Another week se fue! 

Maybe I didn't tell you last week the goal that Elder Moncada and I put. For this area we want to be working with a member every night or in the house of a member with their neighbors for a Family Home Evening.  This week we had éxito Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. Everyday and every week we improve! 

Monday night we went out with the Bishop to visit a less active family and he scared the teenagers into setting a better example for their siblings who want to get baptized. They came to church this week. Also we had a sweet cake made by the wife of the bishop. Note: the bishop requested me on Facebook. Allan Torres is his name. 

Tuesday we had our weekly appointment with the Zepeda family. We're breaking their missionary relationship and imposing members instead. This week we brought the couple who teaches the investigator class at church. The Zepeda family rock. The Aunt, Reina and the daughter, Caro are baptized. The Mom, Carolina and the hubsand Guillermo are awaiting a divorce to go through which was started by previous missionaries so I am glad that there was some action in this part of the area before we got here. Tomorrow night we plan on bringing the stake relief society presidenta. 

Tuesday afternoon we went out to work with a member to try and teach some of his neighbors. The poor faithful man has brought missionaries to these neighbors since he baptized 14 years ago with the hope springing eternal that one day they will accept the message. Sadly, they wanted nothing to do with the message. Just wanted to talk. But I am impressed with his attitude and enthusiams. He is going to get married in the temple this year. 

Wednesday rocked because we had an amazing lesson with our amigo Roberto! We had him over to the house of the Presidente of the Quorum of Elderes.  He felt the Spirit, we answered his questions and doubts and challenged him for baptism and he even accepted (and attended) and EQ activity that took place Thursday night. We walked out of that lesson literally jumping for joy, so excited to have felt the Spirit of the Lord so strongly.  We were excited and later that night when we called the Presidente he was excited as well.  

Thursday was the Embajada de México day.  We were there basically all day. We got the visa of Moncada and he will be staying here with me until the end of the change (25 enero).  Hermana Hernandez and the AP's came to inspect our tiny apartment also. It was good to see the Hermana and talk with her. We were at the embassy so long that we missed the district meeting.  

Friday we had divisiones with Elder Brooks our district leader. He came up here to Miraflores and Moncada went down to Sabana Grande.  It was a long, long, long hard day. We had the day nice and planned for success but in the end it was just lots of contacting and visitng members and walking around trying to get something done. We were faithful though and returned to the house at 21:00.  After the long hard day I made an awesome dinner for us as noted in the photo. Stove top stuffing, sweet potatoes, turkey gravy with chicken. Super awesome.

Saturday Brooks and I went to Sabana Grande, about an hour south of the city, to change up and on the way back Moncada and I lost so much time because there was an insane accident on the highway (2 lanes) so we sat in the bus for about 2 hours waiting. Miserable, but the weather was nice. There was a breeze. So we got back late but did indeed proselite.  We talked with Marlo, the 30 something year old son of Ramón, living with Ramón.  Marlo is very postive and Friday when we talked with him he was excited to go to church and learn more. But his evangelica Mom is talking trash about us. But we took a step with her on Saturday, we met her.  She said she enjoyed the Juntos para Siempre video. She was still fearing us when we watched it, but claimed to be listening to it. She accepted the video as a gift. Poor Marlo fears or respects his parents too much and when we started to confirm his assistance to church he backed out. But step by step. 

Goode Company Pecan Pie!
Sunday was better. We were more effective in church about juggling the million things that we have to do. We went out to work with the EQ presidente again. We were with Roberto but then the lights in all the city went out for about an hour. We had to go back home (mission security rule) and right when we got out of our clothes the lights came back on, so we went back out to work for the last hour of the day.  Here is the sad part about Roberto. He regressed. I think that the fecha bautismal is going to caer. He is stubborn and we're sure that his current pastor his meter-ing basura in his head. He made the choice. We'll see if he keeps commitments. 
Looks like the pie survived although it was round when I shipped it!

Got letters from: Dannee (many), Mommy, Dad's literary works, G-ma, Nannie, Danielle, Whitney, Almquist family.
Miss and love you all so much. Thanks for the prayers. I feel them. 

Elder Clay

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