Monday, February 13, 2012

Not much computer time

Ok, This time for sure I might get kicked off before finishing. I don't like this!

I love you and I am working hard. We are still killlng ourselves to work with the members. This week we did a lot of walking and had some miracles, hooray! I don't like being rushed when writing you!

Tuesday we didn't have too much excitement. We worked a bit on the new apartment. We hope to move in before the end of the month!

Roberto is still progressing bit by bit. He really wants to know if this is true and he is actually reading the Book of Mormon! Hooray for that. Wednesday night we went to the house of the EQ Pres again and we kneeled down to pray.  Roberto said the prayer outloud and asked if the Book of Mormon was true. We know that he felt the Spirit because as he was praying he stopped in the middle of a sentence and then we stayed there, kneeling for about 13 minutes, waiting for him to say or do something. We all sat up and began talking again. It wasn't the miracle for which I had hoped. I was praying so hard during that prayer and the silence that followed. If he did feel something he didn't tell us that he did. I keep praying. I know that all anyone has to do to know if what we are teaching is true is pray with faith and sincere intentions and God will answer! I want so badly for Roberto to keep progressing and keep learning. 

Thurdsay was a very difficult day. The best part of the day was the GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE that I made from the package of Mom from Thanksgiving. Wow. It was good. I don't even like green beans. We had many things fall through and it just seemed like a walking around day. Great excersise but not much productivity in the work. At the end of the day, after commenting to Elder Lorenzo that sometimes we stay out until 9:00 p.m. to be obedient we visited a member to finish the day.  We challenged her to have her neighbors in her home. She said, how about tomorrow? And we said, YEAH!! But I didn't get my hopes up. But...when we called Friday morning she said be here at 7:00.  Hooray!

Friday was the miracle day. Not only did we see a tiny pick up truck with 8 coffins in the back but we found 2 families! The first family we found contacting after again many things failed. They live in the house of their son because the father, Domingo, with 70+ years is dying of lung cancer but is still incredibly intelligent. Wow that guy knows lots and he listened and wanted to know more! We were so grateful at first just to get in and sit down, but at the end we were grateful to be blessed with new people to teach! After wasting about 2 hours waiting for our Ward Mission leader to have the correlación we just left  because he never showed up...very frustrating. The next miracle was Friday night with the Hermana Alonso, who invited her vecinos. Not too positive but we watched a short movie and have a return visit with them. I am just glad that we are getting a bit of action from the members! 

Friday night we got a call from the ZL's that said we had a meeting with the zone and the AP's on Saturday. Super weird. The AP's presented a new mission program. There is going to be a fund to get families married now! That will help so much in the south where there isn't much money.  There was a poorly planned activity that the WML sort of supported on Saturday.  He only had one Sunday of notice and expected it to be a success. Another colossal waste of time. We had a small miracle Saturday.  We went to visit the familia Mejía to see how things were going, the esposa had been sick and there as a neighbor there working on the family car! A contact, future investigator...we'll see!

Sunday we had church. Lots to do as usual. We practiced with the YM/YW for the fireside which was again announced in church, twice. So we're getting publicity! We were in the home of a family eating dinner on Sunday and I was asked to show photos of my family and many times I literally have to convince the people that the woman next to Dad is old enough to be my Mom. Love that my Mom is young! 

So a couple of notes.

Elder Lorenzo has a shirt from North Harris College. What?!?
What is a great way to cook chicken on the stove?
Recipe for creamed corn?
Dannee. Learn the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D 1st mvmt. 

Letters from Mommy (2), Katri, Dannee (3), Nannie, Mary+Anna+Megan+Samantha

I love you lots! 

Photos next week for sure! I have pics of the green bean casserole.
I hate to have to leave so early. I love you lots. Thanks so much for all that you do. 
If you can, next week have the letters here in my email before Monday. I don't know how much time I'll have in the future...

Love you so much.

Elder Clay!!!!!

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