Monday, April 2, 2012

The Lord guides my days

I am going to finish the letter. 

Thursday we had a great experience with a new person to teach! But the problem is that she se fue de viaje this week. This is what they call Semana Santa.  Where the hypocrites take a week to go travel and drink and be merry.  But it is actually Easter this week. It will be difficult to find people in the streets.

I realize that this seems very incoherent and unorganized but I am being rushed... :(

The church is true and I was grateful to have someone new to teach.  Elder Lorenzo will have work to do. For the next transfer. 

My study space and home!
Friday we had a similar expereince as we taught the mother of a  long time member.  We left the visit asking ourselves why she hasn't been baptized yet.  She said, oh, the Book of Mormon is true.  So she'll get back from her trip in...MAY....but at least she'll be in the books.  The spirit works in various ways.  I still have the testimony that the Lord organizes the entire day, week, mission, etc just to place me in a specific place at a specific time.  Plans failed.  That is the reason that we ended up there.  

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference.  I got to watch all 5 sessions in English in A/C. My testimony grew for many reasons.  I know that Presidente Monson is a prophet of God.  Sadly we didn't get ice cream after Priesthood session. The choirs were amazing the entire conference.  Yes, we did notice David Archuleta, now Elder Archuleta in the choir.  I am grateful for the blessing that we have to be serving the Lord.  

After Sunday sessions we went out to work and had the opportunity to give two Priesthood blessings.  To one sister we participated in the blessing given by her nephew who returned from his mission on Friday.  She's not been coming to church but the spirit of the blessing brought her to tears as she got up.  I know that the Priesthood is real and that the Holy Ghost inspires us and guides us. 

Roberto came to conferencia on Sunday but is still not ready.  I  feel so sad for him.  He has let his fears dominate what faith he had to learn more about the church.  What is sadder, learning lots and stopping or learning nothing and not accepting?  That is the hard part of the mission.  When people stop learning about the church for various reasons.

As with the last conference I was thinking of y'all, watching the conference with me, in English.  

Letters from Dannee, Rachel Wheldon, Nannie, Schmutz, package from G-ma.  I love mail!

Thanks for all that you do for me family.  I love you lots.

Elder Clay.

Package from mom

Package from g-ma


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  1. He sounds like he's doing so well! It's crazy how it's almost been a year since he left... Love him and miss him asking how my "Little Miracle" is!