Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photo Letters

And I dwelt in a tent-lol
The church is still true. 

I have a few literature requests:
Articles of Faith, Talmage
Teachings of Joseph Smith (non church approved version, in english. compiled by Talmage or Bruce R.,or Joesph Fielding)
Book of Mormon (portuguese blue one)
Book of Mormon (tiny tiny size. the tiny blue version)
Could you have Schmutz find the best how to learn portugues book?
Portuguese to english dictionary
First edition church hymn book 

basically a new library.

SD card reader

G-pa  - could you send me a G-pa's selection of the Greatest Hits of Opera?

I love you lots! Thanks for all that you do for me

Got the package from Mommy. 

Only 55 days until phone call.

Love you so much and miss you still,


Elder Clay

Study Area

President Hernandez reminded them to stay away from fires

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