Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trying something New

I love my family!

We're going to try a new strategy this week. I wrote the letter and took a picture. I will accumulate the letters and send many at once.  Give me your feedback! 
Let me know what you think.

So we changed rooms, went bowling today and for lunch we went to Pizza Hut. I got two desserts instead of an entreĆ©.  

Elder Clay won the game!

The mission is still tough but I love it. 

This week I am beginning change 7 of 16.  9 months Thrusday.

My family is the best!

Elder Clay loves and misses his family lots.

Got 4 letters from Dannee and one from Caitlin Merrell this week!  Thanks for writing me! I love it. 

I will try to get his letter typed for you to read.  I used my handy magnifying glass to read it-lol!

We Moved to a bigger space. Now we have a table for study time

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