Monday, February 27, 2012

Slightly difficult week

I love my family!

This week I am writing you first so that just in case I get kicked off I'll have the most important thing written, which is to you people! So I did write you a hand written letter and got it in the mail this week of what I would have written to you last week. I was rather upset with getting kicked off. This week is better. But just so you know, thanks to Schmutz and his bossness, actually probably Tiff. Elder Lorenzo and I ate Sloppy Joe's on Monday. 

So here we go! It was a tough week but the faith is still unshaken.  Elder Lorenzo is a great companion to have in this difficult area.  Tuesday was a positive day. We found a new investigator. Possibly the most interesting man ever. The most interesting man in the world. He was dressed with red and black saddle shoes with red tweed pants and a pink dress shirt with a navy poka dot bow tie. He is an architect with a house that looks like Willy Wonka's factory. So many colors, angles random furniture. I will get a picture this week.  He was very positive and we were excited to teach him more and take him to the Old Testament institute class friday but he had a work emergency. Not sure what kind of emergencies come up in the archtitecture profession. We'll see how this week goes with him. 

Wednesday was a difficult day.  We did a lot of walking and a lot of trying. There was a neighbor of a member who pulled up next to us at night in her car and offered us a ride. At the time we didn't know her but of course we took the free ride and then found out who she was.  We've been trying to get into her house to teach her but she's been difficult to contact.  So Wednesday we attempted a visit with the member, Hermana Molina, but instead we hung up a complicated curtain because the neighbor wasn't there.  

Thursday was better than Wednesday in some ways.  Again I will say that I am glad that I have a companion that keeps working with me even though it is hard. I know that Elder Lorenzo is going to be an amazing missionary because he is starting out in this difficult area.  For all the walking around that we do I am grateful that the streets are paved! After returning from our distrit meeting we were excited to get a call from Marcela Molina, daughter of the aforementioned Hermana Molina.  She had brought 3 of her friends to church a few Sundays ago and we were finally invited to teach one of them on Thursday.  It was going well for the most part but about halfway through the lesson Marcela was leaving the room, on the phone, shouting at her little brother and then as we were challenging her friend to baptism she interrupted Elder Lorenzo and said, "Don't ask her that yet! Give her some time!" AHHHHHH. That was incredibly frustrating. So....we'll have to work a little bit slower there. The friend agreed to do some reading and praying. We'll see about progression. Thursday night with Hermana and Hermano Mairena we visited Daniela, the daughter of Emelina (the amazing family of last week).  It was a difficult lesson as well but at least we got to teach! Daniela was on her phone texting.  She is a bit of a rebel which is not helped by her mother's loud comments like "Oh. What a miracle that Daniela is here listening to you!" and "What a conquest." So there are some relationship problems there but we're going to keep working with them.  

Friday we had some great plans for Miraflores.  We did divisiones with the ZL's.  I went to work with Elder Howard in the area of the ZL's and Elder Arevalo came to work with Elder Lorenzo.  I had a great time with Elder Howard. We were gifted a cinnabon cinammon roll and had a great dinner.  But what I was praying for the whole day, success in Miraflores was not such a great time.  The new house where we wanted to move to was not approved by the ZL's, understandably so. I'll have to draw a floor plan to show how ridiculous the design is but we were happy to sacrifice a little for more space.  Also there were no investigators in institue, neither Leo, nor Emelina.  Elder Arevalo said that he left our area feeling humbled.  

After changing back from divisiones we had our weekly correlación with the Ward Mission Leader. He's doing a bit better but still lacks responsiblity.  We were able to teach Emelina after the relief society activity, which she was not able to attend for a relatively legit reason.  She is going to baptize! She wants to see her hubsand again. We were able to share with her that baptism is the first step in changing that allows us access to God's help. Before she viewed it as the last step. To change then get baptized. But it is actually possible if we have the help of the Holy Ghost.  

Sunday was almost P-day like.  We had church. Which was a success with Emelina (not with Daniela).  Then we lunched then we went to a visit and then recieved an invite from Hermana Hernandez to have dinner with the Presidente! So we went to stake choir practice to brush up things for the actividad which is on Saturday.  Then, being the día de reposo, we walked from our stake center to the house of the Presidente (40 minutes).  I am starting to realize how small this city is! It was great to see Presidente and Hermana. Also their daughter, Sully (pronounced Suli) was their. She is going to BYUi starting in April.  Mom I must share this with you. In all my years as a Texan eating potatoe salad never have a tried it with apples until last night. Apple pieces in the potatoe salad is SUPER AWESOME.  

The talk I was looking for a while ago was from Presidente Hinckley in conference of april 1995.  Stand a Little Taller.  
Dad have you read the book by EG White "The Great Contreversy" There is a member here reading it....??? 
Dad can you send me a primary/election schedule spreadsheet?

Received letters from Rachel Wheldon, Anna Morris and MY SISTER DANNEE.  Last week I received packages from Nannie and Mommy!

I love you so much.

Still working hard and trying my best.  This area is tough but I think that we're going to begin to see the fruits soon.  I know that this is the work of the Lord.  This is where I should be..

Love you so much and miss you. Almost Mothers' Day!

Elder Clay

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