Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day was the best!

Well, We LOVED HEARING FROM OUR ELDER BOY!  He is doing well. Learning patience and to serve the people  in his area of Tegucigalpa.  He is passionate (as he always has been) about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others, serving them and learning their "ways".  He has been in the same area since our Christmas phone call.
He has great respect for the young Bishop of his ward.  He even made him some of the Blueberry cake he made from a Martha Washington blueberry muffin mix I sent him! The bishop LOVED that mix and would love to have some more-lol. I'll send some in the next package for Elder Clay to share.
He expects to be transferred (moved to another area) at the end of the month.

He is grateful for ALL of you, your letters, emails, prayers and love and support.
It was wonderful talking!

Enjoy the photos of my cooking, our chair, me cleaning my tooth brush, our watermelon, Honduran electricity, ice cream, etc...

Love you! You rock.  

Elder Clay

p.s. week 49
Boiling his toothbrush

The Martha Washington Cake/Muffin Mix

Yummy! Apple Cinnamon & Blueberry

Check out this ice cream -Delicious 

Honduran Electricity

Our Watermelon

Yes, we know how to fix a broken chair leg-LOL

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