Monday, May 21, 2012

Moving on to be a ZONE LEADER

I love my family, día 349, Week 50.

Well last night I started to write a letter then after hearing that I'd be able to do it this morning we were in bed when Elder Cotton called me.  I have been mini changed out of Miraflores B.  I am now in Barrio Las Minas of Estaca Uyuca (Residencial San Juan, Bloque 9,, lotes del 27 al 45 y del 34 al 41 TEGUCIGALPA HONDURAS) So it was an exciting day.  At 22:45 I got the word that at 11:00 Monday morning I had to be in the office.  I have been assigned to be a Zone Leader.  Wow. That was a shock.  I haven't even been a DL! The missionary here before (the source of my
questions a few months ago, Dad, my old ZL) had a surgery for a hernia so I got called as a replacement.  What a change. So needless to say I didn't really have time amid all the packing to be able to write a letter like I normally have done.  But maybe I have a few minutes to write here for you!

First let me tell of my first experience in the area.  We got out of the taxi and started carrying the luggage up, up , up to the apartment. But wow.  It was raining so hard the whole time.  I had no idea where I was going, just following the guy in front of me.  Soaked.  My compaion is Elder Maza from California.  His parents are from Salvador and Guatemala.  

The week was quick.  Especially since I thought I'd have one more in the area. We had the blessing of Elder Falabela's visit to us.  He's of the 1st Q of the 70.  He is a spiritual guy and like your stake conference we talked about repentance.  He told us to kneel down with pen and paper and pray, asking for the sins of which we've not repented to be able to better our spirituality.  Wow.  That is a tough challenge. He was with us literally all day.  We got the missionary conference in the morning and afternoon and at night we could bring investigators, recent converts and less actives to go listen to him again.  What a day! He also mentioned that it was possible that President Monson would come to dedicate the temple.  

I've got lots of pictures to send but in the hustle and bustle of moving I didn't bring my camera with me. I made the rolls you sent me.  Wow, those were great.  

It was such a temptation with Hermano Molina calling y'all Friday night! He is probably my favorite from the area (aside from the Bishop).  

Dad, could you make or find the spreadsheet that I made (on my harddrive in the Excel folder) on the chronology of the New Testament -- when the books were writtten, by whom, and ordering changes through the years..??

In the next package could you send General Conference of April 2012 and some Uniball Pilot G2-07 pens?

My last few days in the area were great. Elder Lorenzo and I were able to do some finding and they'll have some new people to teach this week.  One thing that I may not have mentioned before is that Elder Jones (MFA) and I have been teaching a Music Theory/Piano class at the church.  I enjoyed doing that weekly.  We're preparing the members for self sufficiency after we leave!

I got a letter from Dannee this week!  

It seems that we are back into rainy season.  It is May and if we're close to last year's schedule it should end about October.  

One of the sad moments that we had this week was teaching some new people and having them at the end, after seemingly understanding and accepting our message say, that excuseses...etc...The only thing that we can do is testify testify testify.  I know that this is the true church and if the people we teach don't accept it I am not hear to convince them, I have to be the voice of the spirit. 

I love you family and appreciate all that you do.  I miss you lots. 

Time is flying! I am in a new area with new things to do! More updates next week!


Elder Clay

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