Monday, June 4, 2012

Friday hits the YEAR mark!

I love my family, día 363, Week 52,

We are close to counting down which scares me a little bit! The time has flown!

Well the bad news about being a ZL is that I just don't have much time for anything! So it will be difficult to maintain the written letter photographed thing but I will find a way to write a bit each day and see how this next week goes.  There are so many phone calls and errands and early mornings and late nights to deal with that there is just not enought relax time! But I suppose that is not necessarily bad.  Since I've been here there has not been one single full day of work for us in our area.  Lots of errands, getting marriages ready, going to the office, etc.

I love being a missionary and am excited to learn all that I can with my new assignment.  I do have a new companion, Elder Monte Folsom from Montana.  He is huge.  I'll send pictures next week. He has a full ride to Montana State University for football.  He weighs like 250.  Super awesome.  He entered the MTC July 20.  He's is Tarvers age, just one change less than me in the mission.  He is still working on Spanish so that is a bit of a change from the last 6 months being only with latinos.

Despite the incredibly small amount of time in the area for working this week we were able to have success.  We're basically opening the area so that means starting from zero with people to teach. But it looks like we'll be having some baptisms this month! The stake presidente here is super awesome and wants to have a zone/stake baptismal service where all the zone does all the baptisms for the month all at once.  It'll be cool.

This Friday we had the Zone Leader Counsel which was a great experience.  The APs gave us a few ideas on how to be a ZLs.  Of the 22 in the mission there are 10 new ones and only 2 of the new guys have more than a year.  Wow.  Lots of changes in the mission.  It is exciting to be able to have more interaction with the Presidente and the APs, especially Cotton! I am sad though because his time is coming to a close.  I always remember that he would tell me that he wanted me to have a year so that he would have 22 months.  Time is going to fast.

On Saturday I got to do my first baptismal interview for some of the missionaries in the zone that was a very spiritual experience.  With more responsibility there come lots more experiences. The Lord is helping grow and learn.

We had lots of people in church yesterday.  This area is quite different than Miraflores.  It feels good to have lots of tangible success again.

I love you so much family.  Thanks for all that you do for me.  I'm sorry that the letter is lamely short but this next week I'll find a way to get a letter written before Monday. next week!

Letters from: Dannee (3), Mommy (2), Elder Keeler!!!!!!!

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