Monday, October 8, 2012

16 months down

I love my family, día 489, Week 70, Month 16,
I love you! This week was full of big events that made the time fly faster than usual. It was change week and Tuesday night we received the call that....neither one of us was leaving! I am still in Las Minas with Elder Folsom. It'll be an interesting change, because one of the time we were talking to Presidente he told us that if we stayed 4 changes together than one of us would have to stay for 5 changes in the area. So upon receiving the call we were excited but also a little nervous for the next change call to see who is staying yet another 6 week period in the area. But I'm content. Elder Folsom and I work well together, have relatively few conflicts and the area and the ward are good to us too.
Monday! After writing you (a bit late!) we went to a noche de hogar with the Colón family. Like last week it was a bit of a fail. We think that Hermano Colón tells us that people will be coming over just so that we'll visit him. So that was a lame start to the week. We did however have an awesome dinner with the Zuniga family because supposedly one of us was going to leave. It was great food and we rolled back to the house.
Tuesday! It was a relatively ordinary pre-change day. We woke up, studied, ran over to the lawyer to quickly drop off some papers, we picked up a few things for the ward activity that we had planned for the evening and then we went to the office to make a few more preparations and to do a bit of spreadsheet work. The best part of the day was our activity. We started late, mostly because no one showed up until 19:40 but it was still good. We played that game that we've played with Schmutz where you have the categories and each word you put has to start with the certain predetermined letter done by shaking the dice and you have like a minute and a half to be able to fill out the sheet. Well that was the game that we played. We sneakily put “vecinos” and “amigos” as two of the categories so we automatically got a bunch of references. We'll be excited to work with those this change! Then we had an awesome devotional. We played the video “Missionary Work and the Atonement” a combination of talks by President Eyring and Elder Holland and we shared our testimonies and then shared the Mormon Message for youth video that was filmed in Honduras. Called “A Change of Heart.” The Spirit was strong. We went home, got the change call, then we didn't have to pack!
Wednesday! Change day was relatively calm. We woke up and studied a bit and then went to the chapel to take care of the zone. The only changes that we had in the zone were the Sisters' area. One sister went home and the other is training. It is time to give you the report of the Texans in the mission. There are 5 Texans here. I am from Houston, there is an Elder from Kileen (sp?), and 2 Sisters and an Elder from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The new Sister from Dallas is in our zone and it has helped our relationship with the other sister immensly. The difficult Sister is here from Honduras and doesn't like gringos too much. We're happy that shes got a gringa compañera. We had a few short visits but mostly contacting. Nothing too too thrilling.
Thursday! We had a super awesome day planned. Our district meeting went well then we had a realtively busy day. We had lots of appointments and we were going to have Elder Adams and Elder J.A. Gonzalez (both from my “group”) come up from the south to do divisiones with us for the ZL Consejo which was on Friday but in the end they couldn't because Elder Gonzalez was sick. So Elder Folsom and I pressed on, found a new investigator. It was a slight miracle. We contacted her in the street and she just gave us these vague directions to her house and Thursday, a couple days later, we found her house and she seems super positive. We'll see.
Friday! I love consejo. Presidente and Hermana are the best. We had a great time with them, got some announcements from the First Presidency, watched an evangelical football movie called Facing the Giants. It was awesome. The mission broke 200 baptisms for the month, something only acheived 4 times (June 2011, July 2011, May 2012, and Septembre 2012). Pretty awesome. Then we went back home, a bit late, we had to stop off at the office and print some things – they're implementing the new spreadsheet this month Dad. Nothing too remarkable happened Friday night for our proselyting.
Saturday and Sunday! General Conference! 18 for Elders and 19 for Sisters! Dannee – you may not leave until I get back. The great thing about 5 sessions is that it gives everyone an opportunity to come to conference at least once. Sunday afternoon we got a few things done, couldn't really have contact with everyone that we wanted, but we're super excited that our drug addict investigator, Juan Ernesto, the shoe repairman showed up by himself to Sunday morning, which was perfect.
Now it's P-day. 16 Months. I love you so much.
Elder Clay
last week: 2 letters from Dannee
this week: 3 letters from Dannee and one from Nannie
Watched all 5 sessions of Conference in English in A/C on a plasma in the High Council room.   

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