Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No electricity

I love my family, dìa 482, Week 69, Cambio 12,
Well the electricity went out this morning and we're here at the church and there's no internet! The light has returned to a part but not all of the chapel has electrical power. In the same room there are computers next to me that don't have electicity.  Weird. I think that maybe the church has a generator.  At least every other day the power goes out for a little while. Today it's a bit more difficult because it's the only day we actually need power!
The week went by quickly.  Monday night was a bit disappointing for our usually productive Noche de Hogar. We were supposed to go back to the Colon's waiting for new people but we got there and no one came and the cabeza de la familia had us trapped there for too too long. 
Tuesday was a day of inspiration. While baking brownies and studying in the chapel we received revelation.  We've got an activity planned for tomorrow, Tuesday, the night before changes, that is going to rock.
Quickly, it's a little late.  The internet connection hasn't returned so we had to find an internet café to use.  We've had a bit of a hectic P-day so I'm going to have to briefly recount my week.  Today we were with the zone in the morning waiting for the internet connection, then we all lifted up a car so the man whose jack was broken could change his tire and get to work, then we went bowling, then to Presidente's house for lunch, then to PriceSmart, then to the office and finally I'm here! Crazy day!
Wednesday we had divisiones with the APs. It was an interesting experience.  Never denying the revelation that Presidente receives of course, Elder Folsom and I really feel that with at least one of the APs that Presidente assigned him to that position to give him a bit of extra help.  I went to their area to work and in the lessons it felt as though I were comp mayor.  He didn't really control the lesson environment and keep the people on topic, etc.  But it was a good experience. I am grateful for the mission and all that I learn.  
Thursday we visited the lawyer getting the papers ready for the zone's weekend and Friday we went to pick them up. 
Friday night we brought the zone to Presidente's house to do a family home evening with all the people we could get.  Grateful for my Miraflores contacts I was able to get a yellow school bus rented to bring us from our stake center to the house.  One thing that I learned is that when people think they have no other option they will find the way to make whatever problem go away.  We told the Elders to get help from their wards to get them to the stake center and they complained but we said that that was the only way and lo and behold, they all showed up with their people! We had about 58 missionaries and investigators in the house of Presidente.  It was a great night! We were able to bring a family.  

Saturday was interesting.  We had to deal with the sisters.  We thought we were going all the way out to their area to inspect and approve a new house for them but we (I) ended up spending an hour and a half trying to convince one of their investigators to get baptized. He's 90 and we're pretty sure that they are so welcome there because he thinks they're cute.  I couldn't get the guy to do it and by that time it was time to get to our area!  The zone had 2 weddings that night and we were part of the interviews and calming the crowds for the lawyer's tardiness.  You may remember that about a year ago I had a similar experience in Choluteca.  The lawyer didn't show up for an hour and a half.  Patience is one of the best things that I've learned here.  

Sunday was church.  Not too much to note.
I love you family so much and am grateful for all that you do for me! Time is flying super fast and this week I could have changes.  Elder Folsom and I have 3 together (usually the limit).  So unless we stay 4 together and therefore one stays for 5 in the area one will be leaving.  This week will also go by fast.
We didn't baptize this month but that's ok. I hope that I've been able to help my companion learn the "sometimes the Lord is the only person happy with us" lesson.  
I love being a missionary.  It's conference this weekend.  I am excited to be doing what you'll be doing all weekend long! 
Love and miss you lots.
Elder Clay

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