Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Years Eve and Presidente`s familia

Could you also send a crust recipe? Love you SO MUCH

The chicken pot pies were AMAZING. We shared one of the 7 we made with the senior sister nurse here. She loved it. Elder Clay sent me an email requesting the recipe to chicken pot pie and the pie crust a few days before they were going to cook and bake the pies for the Hernandez familia.

The office Elders making Chicken Pot Pies on New Years Eve to share with the President's family for FHS
President` & Sister Hernandez with their visiting family from El Salvador.
7 HOMEMADE chicken pot pies. Yes, Elder Clay has learned to bake and cook. It makes my heart proud.

Office Elders with Presidnete` and Hermana Hernandez

A cake that the Elder's baked for the Familia

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