Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week flew by

I love my family, día 585, Week 84, This week has flown by! I'm still adjusting from writing my letters starting with Tuesday to starting with Sunday. Here we go. Sunday we had another miracle. A different long time investigator family came to church for the first time. Our afternoon proseliting was good. I feel like I know the area pretty well. The biggest job now is to get new investigators. The nice thing about Sundays is that we do not go to the office at all so it is the whole day dedicated to work. What was originally going to be Monday night was pushed back to Sunday night. We had Presidente and Hermana Hernandez talk to one of our families about marriage. They really are awesome. We learned things that wouldn't otherwise have come out had they not talked with them. Sadly we learned that the hubsand has a lying, gambling manipulating problem. The poor wife doesn't leave him but has lots of (obvious) doubts about marrying him. Presidente and Hermana were able to help him dedicate himself to making some changes. Monday was my birthday! We had quite the day of adventures. In the morning we met with Presidente (weekly office meeting) and then we started working on all of our various projects. One of the big worries for this week has been a Sister who's been sick. She has had to go to the hospital 4 times this week to do blood tests to monitor her platelet levels. We did that, grabbed lunch at Presidente's house after dropping the sister off there then it was pretty much time to get to work in our area. Our time was very limited because we were invited to go to Presidente's house to eat dinner and watch Zully (hija of Pte.) open her mission call letter. It was a crazy expereince - 23 months ago I opened mine. It was a fun night. Tuesday started interviews and house inspections. I hung out with Elder Gonzalez all day while my companion drove around a car full of people to do house inspections. It was the first time that i could work with Elder Gonzalez outside of the MTC: It was great. We were able to find a new family and have contact with several of our invetsigators. After meeting up with Elder Moore and Elder Gonzalez's companion a member gave us root beer floats. A first in Honduras! Wednesday I drove for the house inspections of Uyuca - my old zone! It was awesome. It was fun to hang out with Hermana Hernandez and the nurse and Zully and my companion. We ate lunch, saw Gloria (hubsand of Juan Ernesto - the shoe guy from Las Minas) and got smoothies. We finished about 18:00 and were able to get a little bit done in our area. We were able to have contact with the family Pte. and Hermana talked to Sunday. They told us their plans. We're also trying to support them more. He's a taxi driver so we just call him when we need a taxi. Thursday was crazy busy. We had our district meeting. We had to run the Sister to the hospital again - her platelet level was alarmingly low the night before. We bought her some fruits and other things that she asked for as we put them on house arrest. In our area we had a great night. We skipped our dinner appointment because it was already late. We visited the family that came on Sunday and their next door neighbors. We challenged them for baptism and they accepted. It won't be easy and the Lord will have to help but we'll see how it goes! Right after we got home Presidente called us (21:30) asking us to come to his house and drop off some missionaries that had had a lesson at his house. We didn't end up leaving Presidente's house until late. it was fun though. I love helping the missionaries. Friday was another super busy day. We've started being more obedient and studying - we dont' go to the office before 10:00 (unless otherwise indicated by Presidente). Hermana Hernandez asked us to visit the sick sister and bring her something so we did. We got a few other things taken care of in the offic and then we were able to spend a full day in our area. The family we challenged the night before suddenly got cold feet. We're not giving up though. The church is true. Last night we also cleaned our house. I love and miss you lots. Elder Clay

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