Sunday, February 10, 2013

The temple open house begins

I love my family, día 613, Week 88, Month 20, Change 15, 2 years since opening my call letter,

The time is flying by.  I feel like I might be boring you by saying that. It is getting harder and harder to find time to write letters, in my journal, long emails to you, etc just because of all that's going on.

We had changes this week and the temple open house started! Sunday we had a training meeting about what we'd be doing to help in the temple.  We saw the introductory video that they play for all the tour groups and Monday morning we went to take our special private tour.  The temple is beautiful.  I love it.  The photos that the newsroom released are great but real life is obviously better.  

That has been the most important event of the week.  This monring we were able to go and help with some of the first people that went through the temple.  Tuesday through Friday the neighbors, construction workers, media, and government leaders went thorugh. Then today it opened to the public. The area Presidente told me today that the Presidente of Honduras and his cabinet were in the temple for 2 hours yesterday! How amazing! The spirit was felt so strongly and I feel so blessed to be able to participate in the Open House.  Even though it's not dedicated I could feel the Spirit all the way out in the parking lot talking to the people that went rhough.  Sister Hernandez said that they carried it with them. The only down side for today was my sun burned face! 
Office Elders on first day of temple open house

Monday night we were able to pick up new missionaries... at 2100.  There were 23 of them that came and it was amazing to see them be excited for the mission.  

Tuesday we did change prep.  We opened 9 areas so that means 9 new houses and 9 new beds, fridges, etc.  To save time Wednesday we brought all of our materials to the stake center and locked them up in the family history center to keep them over night. It was 3d real life tetris.  We filled the entire room floor to ceiling with suitcases of the 25 missionaries that came, the mattresses, fridges, etc and all the rest! It was a fun project.  At night we listened to some amazing testimonies of the new missionaries.  They all seem so amazing and prepared and ready to serve the Lord. I was touched by all that they learned and felt in the few short hours that they had to go work with some ZL's. 

Wednesday  morning we went to drop off a sister at the airport who was from Choluteca going to the MTC... at 0500.  The day didn't slow down. We were getting ready for changes, went to pick up some sisters that live a bit outside the city that have transpor difficulties, then got ready for changes.  I got a new companion so I was doing most of the coordination for the transport for the buses taking missionaries and coordinating big vans and trucks helping us move missionaries into their new houses so it was stressful for me.  But all got taken care of.  We finished the day eating the good bye dinner with the 2 missionaries that left this change.  There was a sister from Nicaragua and an Elder from Washington state.  Every time I see sister missionaries I think of Dannee and the relationships that I have with them I think I would like the Elders in her mission to have with her.  

Thursday and Friday there were still some after shocks of changes.  Thursday morning we went again to the airport at 0500.  There is a daily flight from Honduras to Salvador at that time.... We went to our district meeting then I talked with Elder Ramirez, my new comp about our duties. 

By the way my new comp is amazing. It was quite the surprise because he as 23 months in the mission.  But he rocks.  He is from San Pedro Sula and he's probably the best missionary in the mission. He plans on attending BYU Idaho in January.  I am excited to work with him. 

Friday we were doing lots of prep for the temple open house service that the mission will provide. Working out transport, the schedule, food we provide, etc.  Then at night - after nine - we cleaned the house and went to bed super late.

This morning I woke up at 0500 to go to serve in the temple. It was amazing. 

I'm going back right now actually but this time as a visitor and I'm brining one of our investigator families. Awesome! 

Love you!

Elder Clay

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