Monday, March 4, 2013

Last day of Temple Open House-busy week

I love my family, día 634, Week 91,

This has been quite the usual. 

We went to the south on Saturday afternoon as reported and we stayed until Sunday night.  Saturday night we were in Monjaras and after the sacrament Sunday morning I went to MONTECARLO!!!! It was incredible!  I was able to visit around for about an hour and a half.  

We've been doing lots of work with the temple references.  As of today at noon 194,000 people visited the temple. Amazing.  

Monday morning we had our typical meeting with Presidente.  We were finally able to return to our area after a week of it being closed.  We worked in our area and visited our family that got married yesterday. 

Tuesday we did divisiones with the ZL's of Uyuca. I got to visit Las Minas! It was wonderful.  We worked hard and had a great experience.  I am really learning to have confidence in my calling and its power and authority and learning to listen to the Spirit.  As we walked into the house where the super positive family was supposed to be there was a fighting hubsand and wife.  After we sang and prayed we were able to talk with them and fix everything. The kissed and hugged and were once again fine on getting married. I explained to them the worst punishment that y'all would make us do.  The hug for one minute when mad at the sisters treatment.  They got a kick out of that.  It was a testimony to me that we really do have the gospel.  Nothing but the truth and the Spirit could calm a fighting couple in 30 minutes.  

Wednesday we had the ZL Consejo where Presidente talked a lot about what is expected of the mission with the temple here.  The stakes are supporting.  We will see miracles soon.  At night we visited our family.  

Thursday we had a meeting in the temple in the evening with some of the designers of the data base that is being used for the references.  It was wonderful to be in the temple at night. We got to enter the casa de huesped which is still not officially open. That was cool.  It has been incredible to be close to so many authorities these past couple of weeks.  We've shaken hands with the entire area presidency several times.  

Friday we had the most amazing wedding that I've ever seen in my mission.  We picked up the papers in the morning and spent the afternoon decorating the chapel and after several set backs and stresses the couple arrived, the bride was beautiful - a sister in the ward who works at a salon did the hair and make up for free - very nice of her.  The ward really came together to help.  The bishop contributed to the food expenses.  In the beginning of my time here I didn't really like the bishop but now I realize that it was just a lack of confidence and his rough personality that make me not like him.  He's actually awesome and we've gained his confidence with the family that we've baptized.  The family got married. 

Saturday we went to the temple.  It was amazing. I love being there and talking to the people as they come out of the temple. I saw a youth from Montecarlo and some people from Miraflores.  It was great.  We got back and the power and internet were out for a while here so it's late...and we've got to go get the baptismal interview done for our family who's getting baptized tomorrow morning.  

I love and miss you lots. 

Katri I LOVE YOU. Dannee I can't wait for your call.  It should come the week after the temple is dedicated.  

Nannie and G-ma, thanks for your constant letter and email support. 

Mom - I sent Elder Poff another email about the housing.  Jeff is going to pay for his bed in my room for fall semester because he's not getting back until winter.  

I love you. 

Elder Clay

pictures next week. 

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