Saturday, March 16, 2013

Power of Pray and temple open house blessings

I love my family, día 648, Week 93,

I want to tell you about 2 amazing experiences that happened this morning.   
1. Saturdays are the day when we spend most time getting ready because it's P-day and we can.  As representatives of Jesus Christ we should look like it! So as we were all showering and ironing clothes and shining shoes the electricity went out (which makes it hard to iron or shower when your house has an electric pump to provide water).  My companion got on his knees and prayed for the lights to come back and about 10 minutes later, after he'd connected the iron, stood over the board with shirt down, ready, the lights came back.  Miracle.  My testimony grew. 
Another fellow Texan
2. Saturdays are our P-day so we like to go out to eat.  We went to Denny's for breakfast and when we asked for our check the waiter told us that someone had paid for our breakfast! Miracle!

The Lord loves His missionaries.

This week has been great. We're having a great time contacting all of the references from the temple.  

Tuesday and Wednesday we had capacitaciones for DL's and ZL's talking about stuff we think to be important.  It is interesting to think that not all missionaries are the same or not all like me or don't all have my experience because it means that I have the responsibility and duty to teach and help them to be better and to have more success.  I love my mission and want everyone to have the experiences that I have. I know that the Lord loves His missionaries   We are called to do His work.  

The gospel is simple.  I was contemplating yesterday in our baptismal service how simple the gospel is.  The girl that got baptized has had an incredibly difficult life due to her poor, poor, choices.  But, now that she knows the gospel she has decided to change and live better and move on, and suddenly the past doesn't matter.  After her baptism she gave a powerful testimony of her change. 

The church is true. I love the mission. 

I love you and miss you lots. 

The mission is having success. We're baptizing lots of people because of the temple open house and we're not slowing down.  

Love and miss you more than you'll know. 

Even though I've been a complete fail with letters and emails the last several months just know that I don't stop thinking about you.  I feel like I am more focused than ever and more in love with the mission than ever. 


Elder Clay

p.s. It's change week. I'll get a new companion. 

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