Sunday, April 14, 2013

Visited other areas and temple

I love my family, día 676, Semana 97, Month 22, 

Every week is so full.  Every week is so different.  We finished the week with an amazing Sunday of General Conference. 

Monday was my 22 months.  It is crazy. I remember last April I could hold up two full hands representing the time that I had in the mission and now I can hold up two fingers representing the time that I have left. 

We had some difficult moments this week with several appointments falling but the Lord has blessed us now at the end of the week.  Monday night we had a noche de hogar with our Bishop and a super awesome family.  The wife is member and the hubsand is an  ex player for a professional soccer team here in Honduras.  He yearns to be baptized.  What impeads him is the divorce of his wife who's legally married to some scum bag who is refusing to sign the divorce document.  

Monday night we went to Presidente's house about 21:30 to a party that he was having for the Zona San Lorenzo because they baptized a record 34 with 9 families last month and since Elder Folsom comes from that zone we were invited! Also Tuesday morning we went to the temple.  How beautiful is the temple of Tegucigalpa.  It looks way more beautiful without the tents and long lines of people.  There was silence and peace.  

Tuesday we had adventures! We went to do divisiones with the ZL's in the east. I went to a place called Danli in the Departamento el Paraíso and Elder Folsom went to a place called la Villa de San Francisco.  This is a beauitful country.  The people here in the densly populated areas have destroyed it.  Getting a little away from the city the beauty shows.  I was able to visit with 3 different companionships and testify of eternal families and help the missionaires to be more excited and help their investigators be more excited too! I love spending time with the missionaries.  The Spirit guided those ZL's to program our schedule the way they did because we were able to get lots done and help the missionaries.  

Wednesday we came back from the East and got back to work in our area.  The whiteboard that we have in our house is working. The new verification standards that we impletmented are working.  We'll get the true test this weekend seeing how good it really is.  There are supposedly 90 programed baptisms this weekend.  We'll see tomorrow night how many went through and we'll see what we need to do to better the work.  

Thursday was a hard day.  Lots of visits fell.  We did lots of walking around and passing more than one time for the people to see if we could find them.   Some of our investigators turned out to be not so interested in the gospel and not quite so willing to dejar their club lifestyle and all the drugs, etc that comes  with it.  Also they lied to us and didn't come to the appointment.  It afflicts me when that happens.  

Friday was a special day.  I went to Miraflores on divisiones.  I love that ward.  I love that area.  I love all of my areas and the whole mission.  The mixed feelings about leaving are getting worse and worse.  We were able to divide with those ZL's and we visited one of the companionships of Sister missionaries (of course accompanied by another adult male so it didn't look like a double date).  Every time I'm with the Sisters i think of Dannee.  We had some great experiences with them.  The Sister missionaries are great.  They just don't always understand that they can do great things.  We want them to be more bold and confident.  It is great to see a zone working.  What we always want is that each area in each zone can baptize.  Everyone feels good when they baptize.  

It is still interesting to me, with my mindset of not having too much time in the mission and wanting it to last forever, having this position of leadership and having to counsel the Elders, that I actually do know things and have had more experiences that allow me to help them.  I feel now just like I did then and it is weird that now I am the AP giving the counsels that I asked from many of the former APs.  We're all the same age here! How is it that the mission works like it does?

I love the mission. 

This week we're going to the south from Wednesday night until Saturday afternoon.  I love and miss y'all..


Elder Clay

p.s. I got to see my beloved Emelina from Miraflores when I went on Friday.  We're trying to get her to the temple to be sealed with her deseased hubsand in May.  

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