Monday, November 11, 2013

3 Months Serving the Lord

SEGUNDA - zone vs zone volleyball in centro:) SUPER FUN; Christmas decorations are up all over centro and camboi:) got an ice cream cone with my district post volei;
DIONI  love her. we taught her the word of wisdom and she´s all like this makes me sick. that does too.
don´t like that. quit that because of my kid´s asthma ...and i´m all like WHOA.

TERÇA - Sister Williams is in my zone:):):):)):) missed her; Irmão Saulo said that this ward is filled with parents for us Irmão Saulo said that this ward is filled with parents for us
President and Sis Parrela came and sis parrela almost died because our house was clean and we had fruit and eggs in the fridge

QUARTA - training festa on our beds with treats watching.......the district;Iirmão Saulo and Irmã Moredi taught mara´s esposo with us. SOOOO GOOOD. :) love that family.

QUINTA - 3 MONTHS PEOPLE ....took some loveeeeeeeeeeely pics with sis Faldmo; 1st member teaching with us cancellation :(

SEXTA - sister Faldmo got a bug out of my eye (he flew in there walking after lunch); attempted to play the piano waiting for our meeting with Irmão Jeferson

SÁBADO - cut my 1st pineapple; made like infinity contacts/knocked infinity doors adn NO ONE let us in :(

DOMINGO - planned english class with sister Faldmo - it´s really happening. Bispo announced it in chruch. also went to ward council! it rained men...and puppies and kittens


MTC zone sisters now serving in same zone

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